Do Vanilla Beans Go Bad?

The aim of writing this post is to provide an answer to your query, do Vanilla Beans go bad? However keep on reading as I’m about to get into the full details evaluating if vanilla beans can go bad or not.

Keep in mind that all herbs and spices are likely to spoil, this means that that the don’t normally have a long life span.

However if you are still wondering how long does a vanilla bean last before it goes bad, keep on reading this article.

What is Vanilla Beans

According to Spoon university, Vanilla beans are actually the pods that grow on a vine-like vanilla orchid plant. These vines grow up trees and produce beautiful flowers along with these delicious pods.

Now that’s leads us to the question, do Vanilla beans go bad?

Do Vanilla Beans Go Bad?

It is imperative to note that vanilla beans is very likely to spoil just like every other fresh and whole herbs and spices if they are not properly stored and maintained, they will slightly start getting moldy.

Most people mistake the frosty crystals that surfaces on the vanilla beans to be a sign that it has spoilt, however that is a false impression because those frosty crystals are not molds and the vanilla beans is still in the perfect condition to consume.

The vanilla beans is posseses vanillin that comes out to their surfaces whenever they start to dry and that is what causes the frosty crystals to surface on them.

However if the vanilla beans I stored very well it’s quite rare for them to spoil but if you notice any an actual mold then it is completely advicable to get rid of the vanilla beans.

How Long Do Vanilla Beans Last?

To determine how long a vanilla beans can last is quite tricky because it solely depends on the method of storage used and also the expiry date written on it’s label because they expiry date simply dictates the particular period the vanilla beans may likely retain it’s quality.

However if your vanilla beans is properly stored, then it may likely keep it’s quality last longer, although the shelf life of a vanilla beans that producers give is said to last upto two years.

It is crucial to note that during the two years of it’s shelf life of proper storage, the vanilla beans quality may reduce and it’s flavor and aroma quality will be nothing compared to that of a fresh pods.

How To Determine If Vanilla Beans Have Gone Bad

Whenever the vanilla beans starts becoming moldy and developing fuzzy spots on itself, that’s how to determine if the vanilla bean have gone bad and it is highly advicable to not use it and get rid of it immediately.

However be sure to determine if it is just a frosty crystal or an actual mold because the beans posses a vanillin which in return produces the frosty crystals on the surface whenever it starts drying and with the frosty crystals it is still in the best condition to use, but I’d it’s an actual mold then I’m afraid you need to discard the vanilla beans.

How To Store Vanilla Beans

The following are the proper ways you can store your vanilla beans to prevent early spoilage:

1. Store in a clean cool and dry place, probably in the kitchen or the cabinet in the basement.

2. Wrap the beans properly and put it inside an airtight container so that it won’t dry out easily.

3. Rehydrate the vanilla beans when it has dried, you can do this by inserting the bean into a warm water or milk and allow it for some hours before you start using it again.


I believe that by now you can now ascertain if a vanilla beans can go bad or not and also be able to ascertain it’s shelf life.

However here’s a recap, to make the vanilla beans to last long it is important to store it properly in the above ways outlined in this article.

Also be sure to differentiate between a mold and the white frost that  develops on the vanilla beans whenever it starts getting dry.

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